With Service Learning comes research:

  • What is the issue?
  • Why is this an issue?  Why is it happening?
  • Who does the issue affect?
  • How does the issue affect people, the community, etc?
  • What can you do to help?
  • When will your project take place – one time with long lasting impact, or ongoing?
  • What can you expect to accomplish with you project?
  • What is the Colorado Service Learning Council?

Colorado Service Learning Council is a statewide movement to promote, advance, and institutionalize high quality service-learning through innovative collaboration among P-20 institutions, government agencies, non-profit agencies, and the private sector throughout Colorado. 

We connect people, institutions, and organizations to learn, share and expand their knowledge of service learning.  YOU can join this movement by participating in service learning in your school, your community or through one of the organizations that is involved with the Colorado Service Learning Council.

How do you get started with Service Learning?

Get out there and inventory your school and community to see what issues exist.  What do you want to improve?  What do you see as something that you have a passion for changing?

Rally your peers, adults, mentors and others to support you in making the change or creating your project!  It is important to share what you are doing with others, so they can support your efforts.

To be inspired to create a movement check out this TEDx video --

Choose an issue or project with the group and create an action plan! How are you going to accomplish what you would like to?  What is the goal that you would like to achieve?  What steps needs to happen in order to accomplish your goal?

Take Action!  Make your project happen!  Get the community and your peers involved and remember to create partnerships to support the project.

Reflection and feedback!  Celebrate your successes, reflection on the project and gather feedback from the community about the project.  How will the project continue?  What are next steps?  Was the goal of the project met?

Brief selection of 3 great resources –

Brave Tracks -- BraveTracks provides Colorado youth information, tools, opportunities and experiences outside the classroom to help them find a lifelong path after high school that aligns their unique skills, desires and innate talents.

Young Philanthropist Foundation -- dedicated to engaging youth in philanthropy by creating opportunities for kids and families to give back to their communities. We believe that philanthropy is anything you do to make the world a better place, and base our programming on a simple philosophy: if you give kids the opportunity to make a difference now, they will continue to make a difference the rest of their lives.

Free Child Project -- Freechild connects young people and adults to the tools, training, and technical assistance they need to create new roles for young people throughout society.

Youth Service America -- improves communities by increasing the number and the diversity of young people, ages 5-25, serving in substantive roles.