Membership in the Colorado Service-Learning Council

The CSLC exists as a network of partners governed by a committed group of stewards and a coordinating constellation who helps direct the collaborative initiatives, or constellations, of the larger group. Membership in the CSLC takes two forms, that of supporter or steward. Membership in the CSLC is at no charge. We aim to create a rich and diverse network of service-learning practitioners and fans. We invite you to review the membership categories below to determine which might be right for you. Once you've determined your best fit, please complete the membership form by clicking on the button below.

current members

For information on how to connect with other current CSLC members please Email Lori McKinney


Membership Form

CSLC Membership Types:


To be considered a Supporter of the CSLC, individuals must commit to the following:

  • Have an organized or personal connection to Service Learning 
  • Follow operating agreements and procedures determined by CSLC
  • Willing to participate in partnership building
  • Provide updated contact information to CSLC to be listed on the CSLC online database of supporters. Information will be used to help facilitate partnerships, connections, and to build Constellations. 
  • Attend regular meetings as available/interested
  • Approach the Steward if interested in Constellation
  • Approach the Steward serving as a Constellation Lead if interested in joining a Constellation


To be considered a Steward of the CSLC, individuals must commit to the requirements outlined for Supporters as well as the commitments listed below:

  • Attend, virtually attend, or send a proxy to a minimum of 80% of meetings/year;send input prior to the meeting if unable to attend (sending input does not count as meeting attendance)
  • Participate in the yearly priority setting activities of the CSLC
  • Assist with partner asset mapping
  • Host or help locate facilities to host meetings
  • During regular CSLC meetings, promote the collective good of the CSLC by leaving personal and professional self-interest aside
  • Utilize constellations to promote organized or personal self-interest
  • Join or initiate at least one constellation per year
  • Guide/support constellations through sharing opportunities and expertise
  • Take the work of CSLC back to personal/professional networks to assist the CSLC with the recruitment of new Supporters and Stewards
  • Conduct outreach to make potential Supporters, Stewards, and other interested individuals and organizations aware of the CSLC
  • Take responsibility for orienting the new Stewards to the CSLC
  • Serve as an expert when appropriate
  • Share information and opportunities related to CSLC