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CSLC Businesses Contact:

Cody Buchanan, Senior Consultant

21st Century Community Learning Centers, Colorado Department of Education

Email Cody | 303.866.6861

Why Service Learning?  

Businesses play a crucial role in the health and wellness of our community. As such, they have an important role to play with respect to service-learning at all levels. Private businesses can partner with service-learning providers as well as nonprofit host sites in a variety of ways.

What Does Service-Learning Look Like in a Business Context?  

  • By engaging in social entrepreneurship, business leaders can apply market-based approaches to solving the community’s social and environmental problems. Often, these business models can be developed and supported with the help of service-learners who engage in community-based research, develop product solutions, assist with reporting and evaluation, and much more.  
  • Students who are developing their own social enterprise concept as part of a service-learning experience benefit tremendously from feedback and financial support offered by local business professionals who volunteer to coach or mentor them. 
  • Businesses can indirectly support service-learning by belonging to nonprofit, industry-related membership organizations and associations—such as the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and CORE—which often serve as partners to educational institutions in a service-learning capacity.
  • Businesses can help fund and sponsor educational programs on behalf of their company to reduce costs associated with coordinating service-learning projects and increase overall access to these opportunities. Additionally, businesses can donate items in-kind to support the successful completion of service-learning projects (e.g. students organizing a silent auction fundraiser).