CSLC Mission, Vision & Values:

The mission of the Colorado Service-Learning Council (CSLC) is to promote, advance, and institutionalize high quality service-learning through innovative collaboration among P-20 institutions, government agencies, nonprofit agencies, and the private sector throughout Colorado.

The Colorado Service-Learning Council’s vision is that all Colorado learners engage in high quality service-learning. 

We value:          

  • service-learning that incorporates the following NYLC Standards for quality service-learning practice: meaningful service, reflection, link to curriculum/learning goals, diversity, youth voice, partnerships,  progress monitoring, duration and intensity.

  • learners in all settings and in all stages of life.

  • service-learning as a pedagogy used in P-20 academic settings to support the success of students.

  • identifying the capacity inherent in a community to support the assets that strengthen their ability to engage all community members, support dialogue, and support pathways to creating change.

  • innovative collaboration that increases opportunities for service learning in our state.

Accomplishments of the Colorado Service-Learning Council:

To learn more about the accomplishments of the CSLC and the constellation work groups, download our yearly reports below.

2013-2014 Year-in-Review

2014-2015 Year-in-Review

2015-2016 Year-in-Review

2016-2017 Year-in-Review

History of the Colorado Service-Learning Council:

In Colorado, and across the nation, service-learning is recognized as a vehicle for promoting youth development, youth civic and academic engagement, citizenship, and leadership for all youth and young adults.  Colorado schools, higher education institutions and communities have been using the teaching strategy and approach for over twenty years and have received funding through Learn and Serve America at the Corporation for National and Community Service (hereafter referred to as the Corporation) since 1990.  Most recently, Colorado institutions have received funding to support service-learning through the Corporation in the areas of K-12 school based funding, higher education and youth engagement zones.

In April 2011, the Federal House Appropriations Committee approved a continuing resolution with historic federal spending cuts for fiscal year 2011 of $40 billion. Among those cuts finalized by the senate and approved by President Obama was the elimination of Learn and Serve America.

On May 27, 2011 a group of service-learning supporters and professionals convened to discuss possible sustainability strategies for service-learning in Colorado given federal budget cuts. The original group was considering ways to sustain the infrastructure for supporting service-learning at the state level. By July 2011, it was apparent we had a group of partners committed to furthering the work of service-learning in Colorado. The group began exploring a vision to guide the work of this partnership. The partnership comprised organizations and individuals committed to the idea of creating a more organized structure around service-learning at the state level but at that time, we were not sure what this could or should look like.

One of the proposed visions resulting from the July 15, 2011 meeting read:  "A coalition that supports service-learning as a teaching and learning strategy; or that actively promotes service-learning as an instructional strategy and tool for effective youth engagement and community change."

At the August 26, 2011 meeting the Colorado Service-Learning Council was born.  DuffyDoyen Consulting was hired to facilitate Colorado Service-Learning Council meetings, offering all members participating on the council equal opportunity in developing the formation and foundation of the council’s work.  Using the nominal process DuffyDoyen lead the group to a set of guiding priorities for the next twelve months.  The Council agreed to form sub-committees to begin the work. Two priority areas ranked the highest through the nominal process and were chosen for further development: the website sub-committee and the formation, or planning sub-committee. 

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2015-2016 CSLC Priorities & Constellations

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